We need your address to be able to check that you are eligible to receive a garden waste collection and to carry out the collection.
We need your name and telephone number should we need to contact you with regards to your subscription to the service.
If you give us your email address we will use this to send you confirmation of your subscription, as well as information about your garden waste collection such as a reminder for the winter stop and details of your renewal. If you do not give us your email address we will send you a renewal reminder by post.

Your details will only be used for the purpose of processing your subscription.

Your data will either be collected by or shared with Enveco NW Environment Services, who acts as a contractor for Blackpool Council. Information on how they process their data can be found on their website, hard copies can be made available on request.

We will only collect the number of bins you have requested to be emptied, all bins must be supplied by Blackpool Council.