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Selective Licensing

Selective licensing is a discretionary scheme and covers privately rented properties which are not covered by mandatory or additional licensing.

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The Housing Act 2004 allows local housing authorities to designate areas for Selective Licensing to support the improvement of privately rented properties, providing certain conditions are met.

The power does not permit local housing authorities to require licensing of houses that have been exempted under the Selective Licensing of Houses (Specified exemptions) (England) Order 2006, or a property that is subject to a tenancy or licence granted by a body which is registered as a social landlord under Part 1 of the Housing Act 1996.

Additional Licensing

Additional licensing is a discretionary licensing scheme in a designated area and applies to HMOs which are not subject to mandatory licensing.

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A HMO is a building or part of a building occupied as a main residence by 3 or more people that form 2 or more households

A HMO can therefore include:

  • Buildings containing bedsits and/or non self-contained flats, shared houses or hostels (Housing Act 2004 Section 254 HMO).
  • A building which is comprised entirely of converted self-contained flats and the standard of the conversion does not meet, at a minimum, the standard required by the 1991 Building Regulations, and less than two thirds of the flats are owner occupied. (Housing Act 2004 Section 257 HMO)

Mandatory Licensing

Mandatory licensing applies to large HMOs with 5 or more occupants in 2 or more households

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AND those occupants share a basic amenity (such as a kitchen, bathroom or WC) OR if any of the occupants have an amenity (that although dedicated to their sole use) which is NOT situated actually within their flat.

If your property meets this description, you will need to apply for a MANDATORY HMO Licence, even if it is situated in a Selective or Additional Licensing Area.